Won The Progressive Jackpot Playing Mobile Slots At A Bingo Hall

Won The Progressive Jackpot Playing Mobile Slots At A Bingo Hall

I started to play a bingo game on the Internet and it lead to winning a lot of money. The money that I won was not from playing the bingo game online, however I do want to say that I had a great time playing Internet bingo games for cash. I won a progressive jackpot playing a slot machine for money at a USA Internet bingo site that had a mobile casino.

I have been playing bingo games over the Internet for a while now. I have won some cash and lost some cash. Getting paid my winnings was never a problem and making deposits was simple. I was looking around the USA Internet bingo hall and saw that they had slot machines.

I never played a slot machine over the Internet for money before. I had been to land casinos and played some classic slot machines and once a Terminator video slot game. Nevertheless I got excited with the selection of games and started to play some.

I found that there was Tomb Raider, Mega Moolah and Terminator slots on the Internet that I could play for real cash! I was so excited I called my friend back in the United States and told him about this. He told me that he had been playing mobile casino games for money for almost a decade now.

He had thought that I was playing mobile casino games when I was talking to him about playing bingo games. After we spoke he told me about a couple other mobile casinos that he liked to use. I stuck with the Internet bingo hall and I was lucky!

I hit the progresive jackpot playing a video slot game for money on my Apple IPhone! I could not belive it. I was waiting for my wife to finish up her nails and I could not belive that I won over $150,000! Yes thats right. I won over one hundred fifty thousand dollars. I become concerned that the Internet bingo hall was not going to pay me.

The great news is that they sent me a check over night and even interviewed me. I was published anonymously through several hundred press release sites. I still continue to play bingo games for money and video slot machines for cash at the same Internet bingo hall.

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